How Many Monitors Do You Use?



The look I get when I don’t make tech changes fast enough

You know that feeling that you are the last to adapt to new things? I feel that way all the time and then I am proven wrong. In case you are slower than me, I have a suggestion for you that will save you time.

I was very slow to accept the concept of using two monitors. I didn’t see how it would make a difference and it seemed like an expense that was unnecessary. I had seen “techy” people using two monitors for years and just didn’t see why they did it or how it could help me. After the “techies” in my family bothered me enough, I decided to try it.

I won’t go back.


I have been using two monitors for about 18 months. I found it valuable from the beginning. It was so much of a help to me that I would not want to go back to using just one monitor. It saves me so much time. With two monitors, I can look things up on one monitor and use the second monitor to write. Case in point, right now, I am writing this and on the other monitor I have links that I will give you for how to set up your second monitor. Back in the single monitor days, I would be working on a Word document and then have to switch over to Chrome to look things up on the internet and then switch back to continue writing. I don’t need to do that anymore. Or let’s say I need to send an excel spreadsheet to someone. I can use one screen to write the email about the spreadsheet and refer to the spreadsheet that is on the second monitor. No taking time to flip back and forth on the same monitor. For those of you who want to perhaps place an order for goods, you can pull up the order form on one screen and use the second screen to check inventory movement.

I would even bet that you might have an old monitor sitting around gathering dust. I urge you to try it to see what you think. Even if you have been good and kept your old technology moving on out of your location, a new monitor is not that expensive. Go ahead and experiment. I think you will find that it will make your life easier. I didn’t understand how it would make my life easier but it really has.

If you need help setting up a second monitor, there is help on the internet. If you prefer to read directions, you can check out this Wiki How step by step instruction guide. If you prefer, there is also a YouTube that you can watch.

Try it out and let me know what you think. I will really be surprised if you don’t find it to be a time saver. (Okay, you can also put Hulu or Netflix on one screen and work on the other one but don’t tell anyone I told you that…)

Have a great week!


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Being Social on Facebook


I am amazed (not in a good way) with my absence from this blog. It started out as missing a few posts and now it has turned into looking like a desert wasteland. I am sorry for the prolonged absence. I have been thinking about writing here for a long time but I caught a case of the “it will need to be fantastic because I have been gone so long.”  There isn’t anything that will kill the urge to write faster than thinking that whatever you write must be fantastic.

Do you find that with your business? That you just get stalled when you know you should do something because you are intimidated about doing it so that it is just SO GREAT. I know that I can fall into that trap and I bet you do too.

How are your Facebook posts going? Are you having the reactions that you are hoping for when you put them up? First, are you following the four social posts for every ad rule? Repeat after me – Facebook is social media which means I must be social and just not spammy and try and sell all the time. Wondering what to put there when you aren’t selling? I have a couple of ideas and none of them have anything to do with politics. The people on Facebook are getting inundated with politics and from what I have read, they don’t need or want anything else. I would suggest that you put up cute animals, local interest events, suggestions for upcoming holidays, inspirational quotes, or pictures of your employees. Posts that people will want to look at after all the political rants on their feed.


Hint #1 –

Subscribe to your town’s the surrounding town’s weekly email newsletter. That will give you information on local events that you can share on your page. By the way, did you know that once you type the web address and the link pops up at the bottom of your post that you can go back and delete the web address and the link will stay?

Hint #2 –

Go on and get to know Canva. Canva is a graphic design program that you can use to create Facebook posts, twitter posts, Pinterest graphics and a lot of other things that can be helpful for your business. You can upload your own pictures and then put words on them. Great for announcing your employee of the month or sharing an inspirational quote. (or your cute dog pics…)

Hint #3 –

Do you think inspirational quotes are dumb? Or do you like them but have no idea where to get them? There are a couple of sources that make it easy. The first is Pinterest. If you have not been on there and are not using it, I suggest that perhaps you consider using it. Posts on Pinterest have the longest life of any of the social media platforms. While Pinterest is a great place for you to promote your business, it is also a great place for ideas. Just type inspirational quotes into the search box and hundreds will pop up. Of course, you will not just steal the pin and put it on your Facebook page. Think copyright infringement… But you can use the quote and put it on your own design – using Canva or any other program you like to use.


Another source for inspirational quotes that will come to you daily is to sign up for the Daily Thought from Real Simple magazine. The magazine has several free e-mail newsletters that you can sign up to receive. You do not need to subscribe to the magazine to get the e-mail newsletters. The newsletter sign up can be found here.

Another easy source for quotes is just to use your search engine and type in “inspirational quotes”. You should get places to look for quotes or some images with quotes.

A special note here – Over the recent holidays, I put together a post for my Facebook page to wish people a Happy New Year. As I was going through my feed, I noticed my post was posted by someone else. Now since I had created that post, I knew it had been stolen. I was irritated – not only was it stolen but the person didn’t even “like” my post. It wasn’t “shared”; the person had copied it and pasted it to his page. Let’s just say that I don’t think as much of this person as I might have before. I would have been fine if he had “liked” and “shared” my post. That’s great but outright stealing it is something different. One of the things you can do to try and prevent this from happening is to put a © on the post you create. To make a ©, you need to hit the keys Alt 0169. Here is an example:


You don’t need to have it interfere with your design – as you can see, I make it pretty small – but it is there for all the world to see. This will hopefully save you some aggravation.

Hint #4-

Give a shout out before and after games to your local high school or college sports teams. You can let people know when there are games and how the team is doing. Of course, this works so much better if you have a winning team. But giving shout outs to local teams is always good. The parent’s will love you!

Hint #5 –

There are news aggregators like Alltop that will provide a variety of news stories that might interest people. After all, how many sources do you have for bad lip reading?

Hint @6 –

You can also find funny YouTube videos to share. James Corden has funny carpool karaoke videos and there are other clips from the late-night shows that are not political.

I think that I will leave you with these ideas for your Facebook posts. Have fun with it. Show your personality. People want to like the person that they do business with – it makes them want to come back. Which is, after all, exactly what you want them to do.

See you on social media! Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Also, use the sign up so that you don’t miss any posts on this blog. There will be more, I promise!



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Are You Using Pinterest for your Business

Pinterest logo

Are you using Pinterest for your business? Well, you should be. Why? Because of the increasing usage of the site and the demographic of its users. Also, the lifespan of a post on Pinterest is much longer than any other site. They will show up immediately on followers feeds which turn over constantly but your pins will be available using search terms forever.

While Facebook still leads that field with the most users, Pinterest has about 31% of adult internet users and most of those users are women. And 30% of those users have incomes over $75,000. (

Wondering how you can use Pinterest for your business? Well, the first and most obvious is that if you sell a product, you can post attractive pictures of your products and put in descriptions that will enable users to find you. The link back to your web site brings potential shoppers to your virtual doorstep. There are two things that you need to keep in mind when putting up your own posts on Pinterest. First of all, the pictures need to be good visuals – not good enough visuals.  This is a platform that is sold by the quality of the pictures. So make sure that your visuals are excellent. The other thing is to make sure you can use the visual you choose. Copyright laws apply to pictures as well as words and don’t assume that you can just use someone else’s picture.

Sample Pinterest boards

Sample of an individual’s Pinterest boards


But what if you sell a service? You can still use Pinterest to sell your service. Let’s say that you are a freelance editor. You can have a board with pictures of the covers of books that you have edited or a board with tips on editing. If you are in real estate, you can post your listings on a “Listings” board and the properties you sold on a “Sold” board.

One other thing that all businesses can do to draw attention to themselves is to have boards for popular search items. For example, inspirational quotes are always popular. Your business can have and maintain a board for quotes. Not only can you come up on searches for quotes but also you can use your other social media sites talk about your board. After you have several pins to that board, you can go on Facebook and tell your audience that they can look for ideas on your Pinterest board and give them the link. It may be that they will look over all your boards and start following you.  Depending on your business, you might want to create a board with craft ideas for Valentine’s Day or romantic gifts. The idea is to pick things that relate somewhat to your or your business so that you can get people’s attention.

pinterest hearts

There are two ways for people to find you on Pinterest. The first is that when you post an item to a board, make sure that the item links back to your web site. Using the examples from above, if you are in real estate and you are pinning one of your listings make sure that the link goes back to the listing so that people can get more information. Also, when you post, there is room for a description. Always fill in that description. That is how your pin is found in searches for the item. Use key words like “house for sale” “real estate” so that someone looking for a house can find it there.

The most important thing to remember is that people are using social media more and more to help their shopping decisions. Make sure that you put your best foot forward. Great visuals and descriptions will help your business.

Thanks for reading!


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Is that an Emoticon, an Emoji or a GIF?

As you have probably seen, communication these days is full of pictures to convey emotions or thoughts. Do you know the difference between the types?

Scott Fahlman is credited with starting the use of the “emotional icon” or “emoticon” in 1982.  He started using


to indicate jokes from serious statements. According to an article in New Republic, you may even be able differentiate  people’s outlook based upon those who include the “-” as a nose. Those who use the  “-”  are more conventional and tend to spell things out while those with out the “-” have a younger interests or concerns.

Then there is the emoji, which was developed by a Japanese company.  Emoji is a contraction of the two words “e” and “moji”. It translates to be pictograph in English.


Emojis  come in lots of different symbols to express many different thoughts. People tend to use many at at time.  In fact, it is felt that they can be overused on social media. It is recommended that you stick to no more than 5 emoticons per image on Instagram.

An emoticon is made with symbols from your keyboard while emojis are pictures available through the application or software that your are using. Emojis can be different between providers – they are not universal. Also, your software may change your emoticons to emojis without you having to do anything. For example Word Press changed my emoticon above to an emoji automatically. I had to go in and change the code to leave it as an emoticon.

But what about GIF? GIF (pronounced like Jif peanut butter*) is a Graphics Interchange Format.  This is a very low resolution format that is fine for computer use but is not desirable for printing. While you can insert GIFs into your Twitter, Facebook posts, Pinterest posts, Tumbler, Instagram reddit posts,  emails, and texts.

Polar bear HI

I am a big GIF fan. My biggest use? I have downloaded several from GIPHY  and use them when I tweet a “thank you for following me” on Twitter. For Twitter, you can save the images in a download file and then just load from your download file. This technique does not work for all social media sites. To use a GIF on Facebook, you need to click on the facebook icon on the page of the GIF that you want to use. You can do that with Twitter also but I find it easier to look at my download file and use those randomly. I also think it is faster. When I use them on Twitter, they make the size of the picture larger and since it is moving, it will garner more attention.

There is your quick and easy lesson on the differences between emoticon, emoji, and GIF. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.  I will help you as much as I can.

Thanks for reading!

*According to Wikipedia, the Compuserve employees would often say “Choosy developers choose GIF” to mimic the peanut butter saying.

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5 Things to Consider When Reviewing Your Web Site


Is your web site happy?

I have a few web sites. I try and re-visit them every so often to make sure that they up to date. It is one of those things that I just dread doing. Why? Because creating a web site is a lot of work. Even if you are not doing the actual work itself, you still have to know what you want on the site and how it should be set up. Web sites involve hours and hours of work. (And then there is always that one mistake…)

It is one of those projects that when you finish it, you can’t believe that changes will ever need to be made. It was so much work and you know it is complete.

We all know that is not really true. I can go to any of my sites at any time and find that there are changes that need to be made. Last week, I checked one of my sites and had one of those forehead to palm moments. Oh, it needs work. Things have changed – it was put up before there was a CPML Social – and I really need to take the time to make changes.

It was a real “oh no” moment.

head slap

It got me wondering, have you checked out your web site lately? Is it current? Is the information on it the information that you want to public to see first when they go to your site? I know all about the self-deluding concept of saying “Well, it is okay” when you really know it isn’t okay.

According to Retailing Today,

81% of shoppers research online before buying.

Think about that. That means that almost all of your customers are checking you out online before they use your services. So, just as you keep your office/store/location clean and tidy so that people will want to come to see you, you need to make sure your web site is a reflection of what you want to show them.


5 Things to review on your web site

Here are some things that you might want to take into consideration when reviewing your web site:

1. When you go to your site, without reading the copy, how does the site look? Does it look current and fresh? If you are scratching your head about that, go and look at your competition’s web sites. See how they look. How does yours compare? If you owned the site for a number of years, it is very possible that it needs to be reviewed for color and font. (Ideas for current website colors,  and popular fonts)

2.  How are the images that you are using on your site?  Think about changing them to give your site a new look.

3. Are there problems with any part of your site but you chose to ignore those issues? Now is the time to make changes. Have customers reported any issues? Ask your staff, friends, relatives and customers to let you know their opinion of your site. No, you don’t have to listen to them all but there might be some things that you cannot see as a problem that are an issue for others. (One web site I looked at had a slide show that moved too fast; another didn’t have a contact form for questions.)

4. Does your web site have links to all your social media sites?

5. Has your business changed and you need to emphasize part of your business that was not as important before? Times change and so has your business. Make sure your web site is current.

There are many more things to consider but this list will get you started. You want your web site to be as fresh and up to date as possible for your current and potential customers/clients. After you have made the changes, don’t hesitate to tell everyone that you have updated your site.  Come on, you did all that work, let people know.

Thanks for reading. Have a great week.

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Do you Yelp?


As a business owner, are you paying attention to Yelp? It might be paying attention to you.

Yelp is a consumer driven business review site. Consumers can go on to the site to write a review and rank a business. Companies will be on Yelp either by virtue of a consumer adding them or because they were added by Yelp. While restaurants are often what people will look up on Yelp, it covers all business models.

The first thing that you need to do with Yelp is take ownership of your business listing. When you go to your listing on Yelp, you will see a section where you can click to tell Yelp it is your business.  When you do this, you can fill in information about your business, including posting pictures, your web site and your logo. Also by claiming your business, you can respond to consumers.

It is important to note that people understand that some people take delight in writing poor reviews for various reasons.  Most people who use Yelp will read through all reviews and try to cull out any that appear to be from people who look for things to complain about.

In responding to customers, the important thing to remember is that your response will be seen by everyone who looks at your business on Yelp. Snarky responses are not acceptable because you will never win in the court of public opinion that way. Responses to negative reviews need to show that you care that there was a problem and that you don’t want this problem to continue in the future.

hate us on yelp

Let’s say that you get a complaint you feel it was undeserved. Once again you want to respond in such a manner that indicates your concern. “We appreciate the feedback from you and are very concerned. Please call our office so to give us more information so that this can be prevented in the future.” Chances are, you will not hear from this person. I would give it a week or so and then put up another response – “We have not heard back from you regarding this matter. Your feedback is important to us. “Anyone looking at the review will see that you tried to rectify the issue and most importantly – that you are responsive to customers.

You also need to thank good reviewers for their thoughtfulness in putting up a positive review.  That will also show that you are paying attention and care about your customers. You can respond to a positive review with something like “Thanks for the review. We are glad that you were pleased with us! “

There are two ways of looking at how fast you want to respond to Yelp comments. I have heard that the consumer expects a response fairly quickly. I have also heard that you might want to give the review a week or two before responding so that the consumer can make modifications to the review. My opinion would be to respond as soon as possible.

aim at yelp

Google takes aim at Yelp

It will be interesting to see what the future brings for Yelp. Google is now taking aim at that market.  Google has started a program in San Francisco that will not only show sponsored results when you look for a service provider, but Google will  then be “prescreening” providers to provide direct competition to Yelp, Angie’s LIst and Task Rabbit.   (For more information)

Have a great week!

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Your Social Media Bio



The Social Media bio (1)


We have all done it. You decide to try a new social media platform. You start the sign up process and then you hit the wall. You know what I mean – the bio. Yes, just about every platform asks for  some sort of bio and it is the last thing that you want to fill in.

So you don’t.

You skip over that part and move on. And then you don’t go back and finish it.

I understand. I have a tendency to want to skip over that part too. I just don’t know what to say and I always think it should be cleaver. That will always stop me in my tracks. There is nothing like trying to be cleaver on command. My mind is then a complete blank.

I am writing today to urge you to go back and complete your bio. Why? There are several reasons why you should have your bio up for the world to see. The first reason is that you are on social media is to be social. Part of being social is letting people find you. Unless you have the most uncommon name in the world, without your bio people won’t know that you are the Susie Smith that they went to high school with and want to re-connect. What? You say that you don’t want people to find you? Then what are you doing on social media? While lurking might be fun, you will find that you could have more fun being part of the social in social media.

Another reason for you to fill out your bio is so that people will know that you are an expert in a certain area. I know that for many of us, being called an expert is hard. We tend to shy away from that label. We think that we just don’t know anything that everyone else doesn’t know.

Guess what? You are wrong. There are lots of things that you know that other people don’t know. Those people may need the knowledge that you have gained. You bio is where you tell them what areas you know about and could be of help to them.

I just don't know what to say...

It is easy to get intimidated about what to write in your bio. When you read articles about what you should include, they say things like “you need to hook your reader” or “tell a captivating story”. Like that is an easy thing to do. Here is my suggestion – write out a few sentences that tell your basic story.


I grew up in ________(hometown) and graduated from _________ (high school).

After high school, I (attended _____ University/College/Jr. College and got my degree in _______)


From high school, I went to work at __________ doing ___________

Currently, I became _________________(position) at _______________(name of company).

I am (married/single) and have (children) and (pets).

For fun I love to ______________________(activity)

With this format, my bio would read –

I grew up in Glen Ellyn, IL and graduated from Glenbard West High School. After high school I attended Butler University and received my BS in Business Administration. Currently I am a writer for CPML Social, a social media company. I am married and have two children and a dog. For fun, I read, do suduko and quilt.

While this format is fine and it hits some of the points that should be there, if you add a few adjectives, it begins to look more interesting.

I was lucky and grew up in beautiful Glen Ellyn, IL and graduated from “the castle on the hill”, Glenbard West High School. After high school, I attended Butler University in Indianapolis, IN, and found that a BS in Business Administration was perfect for me. I have had several interesting positions and am currently a writer for CPML Social, a social media marketing company in Evanston, IL. I am married with two grown children and a rescue dog named Sadie. For fun I read mysteries, get frustrated with Suduko puzzles, and quilt.

Remember, most bio sections only allow you so many words. You want to make it clear who you are (So you can be found.) and what you do. (So that those looking for someone who does what you do can find you.)

Mom SaysFill out your bio

So here is your assignment. Go fill in your bio sections. You don’t have to use my example but if you are stuck, you can use it as a guide. No, you can’t use my bio for yourself. Believe me; your bio is interesting because it is you.

Go forth and be social!

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Do you TED?

Watching programming on the internet is common

Watching programming on the internet is common

You know how you always think that you are the last to know about something? That is the way I feel sometimes. It is especially easy with all the constant changes on the internet to feel that you are always behind.

One of the things that I discovered a few years ago and want to share with you are TED talks. Now, maybe you are familiar with these and watch them all the time but if you aren’t, I think you are in for a treat.


Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with a guy named Ted. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design.

Back in 1984, Richard Saul Wurman put together a conference. He  felt that there was a symbiotic relationship between Technology, Entertainment and Design. The first TED conference included a demonstration of the compact disc, the eBook, cutting edge graphics, and a demonstration of how to map coastlines using Mandelbrot’s developing theory of fractal geometry.

A TED conference

A TED conference

Despite how interesting  it sounds, it was a flop. It took six years for Wurman and his partner Harry Marks to hold another conference. This time Wurnam’s ideal time had arrived. The conference was successful and became an annual event in Monterey, California. At first, it was an invitation only event for an influential audience united in their open mindedness and curiosity.

As the years progressed, the speakers represented a wide range of topics. There were scientists, writers, business leaders, musicians, and religious leaders. Atendees found the conference to be the intellectual and emotional highlight of the year.

Chris Anderson at a TED Conference

Chris Anderson at a TED Conference

In 2001, Chris Anderson’s Sapling Foundation acquired TED from Wurman. Sapling Foundation’s goal is to “foster the spread of great ideas.” The Foundation wants to provide a platform for visionaries, thinkers, and teachers to share their thoughts. This way the biggest issues can be more understandable and that can led to a desire to change the world for good.

The conferences have continued and expanded over the years. There are now community based TEDx talks along with the national conference. The TED talks can are available free of charge on the internet. There are over 2000 videos available at TED talks.

Are you wondering why I would suggest that you find out about these? Here is the thing that might catch your attention. A majority of the talks are less than 20 minutes. That is right, they are not long drawn out talks that can lose you or that you just don’t have time to watch.

I suggest that you watch a few to see what you think. There are also some playlists that you can try. There is The top 20 most popular talks or 5 talks to watch if you want to let go of regret. There are many playlists that you can see what covers your interest.


Elizabeth Gilbert “Your Elusive Creative Genius” 2009

My favorite? Elizabeth Gilbert the author has two TED talks. While both are good, I have turned to her second one several times. I find it so helpful when perhaps I am not feeling my most creative. I find it to be 19 minutes well spent.

I urge you to check out the TED talk selection. Its great to hear the talks from presenter you have heard of but even better from those you haven’t! There are also TED podcasts available through NPR. 


We would love to hear about the presenters and topics that you have enjoyed.  Please let us know either in the comments below or via Facebook or Twitter.



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5 Lifesaving Tools We Use Daily


Providing content to feed the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest monsters for your business can be an all-consuming task. When you’re doing it for your business and clients as well, it can be quite daunting. We at CPML Social are basically lazy. If we can find a way to automate things or just make our lives a little easier, we jump at the chance. Below are just 5 of the tools we’ve found to help us find content, create content and make it prettier and more relevant.

I can’t say enough how helpful this site has been to a couple of people who have trouble drawing stick figures. Whether it’s creating banners or inspirational quotes that are sized for the various platforms (no 2 could be alike), infographics or eye-catching images, Canva makes it simple to do. The site itself and many of the elements (backgrounds, images, and icons) you can use are free. Or you can also upload your own images and graphics. Canva also has a wide selection of professional images and graphics available for only $1 per use.

We are excited for the soon-to-be-released Canva for Work. Some of the previewed features look like they will be great time savers. Canva for Work will be a subscription service, though pricing has not yet been announced.

colored pencils

Content aggregators

There are a bunch of them out there. We commonly use Alltop, Content Gems and Feedly. The way that content aggregators work is you give them a subject (i.e. Facebook or Jazz musicians or real estate ) and they will present you a list of sites that commonly feature articles on that topic. You select the sites you want to follow and each time you go to the aggregator’s site you’ll see a list of articles from that provider. Some will give you the top 5 articles; some will give you a lot more. Most aggregators are free.


Buffer, Hootsuite and Sprout Social are 3 of them. CPML Social uses Buffer. These sites will allow you to create a schedule of tweet and update releases for each platform. Your job is to keep the bucket filled. Send a tweet to your queue and it can be the next in line, at the next scheduled open slot or you can also set a custom time for release. Whether you send out 4 or 10 or 100 tweets a day, just fill up the queue and the scheduler will make sure they get out.There is a free service that gives you 1 or 2 platforms to schedule plus a range of for-a-fee programs that give you more.

Somehow the post it schedule just doesn't work

Somehow the post it schedule just doesn’t work

Rite Tag Composer

Rite Tag is a free browser extension that assists with hashtags, images and general update/tweet optimization. Plug in a hashtag and the app informs you how many views that hashtag is getting per hour and the rate of re-tweets and shares. It will also give a few suggested open-source images you can use (this needs a little work). We’re still getting used to this one but it looks like a real timesaver.


Trello isn’t a social media tool, it’s a free cloud-based collaborative workspace. Basecamp and Wrike are 2 others. CPML Social uses Trello for client notes, organizational meeting logs and to keep lists of articles that we think should be shared. Trello keeps us organized and keeps the back-and-forth texting to a minimum. As it is cloud-based we can use it whether we’re on our desktop/laptop in the office or on a tablet when we’re having a meeting with a glass of wine on the patio.

We hope you’ll find these tools helpful. We’ll be passing along other tips in the near future.

We add more tools all the time.

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Sharing is Caring and More


They look happy sharing, right?

One of the ways that you want to use social media is to show that you are an expert in your field. You want to be the person that people think of and want to go to when they need a product or service. But how do you show that on social media?

There are several ways to demonstrate your knowledge. Today, we are going to address sharing. Sharing is a way to show that you are not only knowledgeable but you also keep up with current information.

Let’s say you are in real estate. Your company may provide you with information about sales in the area. By sending out that information on Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Google+, and Pinterest, you show that you have the inside knowledge and are savvy enough to share it. The information could be shared in a blog post written by you or it could be that you send out the link in a post on at least one of your social media sites.

This is not what you want to do...

This is not what you want to do…

This can work for any industry. We at CPML Social spend hours a day reading and digesting information about social media. When we read an article that is particularly interesting and we think others would benefit from reading it, we send out a tweet with a link to the article. Along with the link, we try and put a short comment about why we liked the article and (when possible) the author’s Twitter name.

A sample tweet the has all the components mentioned.

A sample tweet the has all the components mentioned.

(Why mention the author’s Twitter name? First of all, it is always good to give credit to the author of the story. Secondly, when you put someone’s Twitter name in your tweet, the tweet will be seen by all of that person’s connections thereby broadening your audience. You could pick up some new followers that way.)

How do you find articles or information to share? You might subscribe to a web site that has interesting and pertinent blog posts. When there is a post from that site that you think is good, you can share it. Subscribe to as many blogs as you like. There is no limit to the great sources you can find. (Like this one… there is a “Follow” button at the top and at the bottom of the page. Hint Hint)

If you are feeling rushed, you can usually find a sharing button on most web posts. You can just click on that button and it will immediately share the article on your feed.

Another way to find articles is to sign up with news aggregating sites. With these sites, you join and sign up for the news topics you are interested in reading. The site will collect a broad range of articles for you each day. Examples of such sites are Reddit, Feedly, and Alltop.

The symbol for Reddit

The symbol for Reddit

You may also run across articles that are just of general interest that you would like to share. Remember, you want to be friendly and not just all business on your social media sites. (that social part of social media) So share that article about the big art fair coming to your town. Tell people about the big recycling day.  You want to show that you know your field but are also interested in the world around you.

So go forth and share. If you want to see an example of what we are talking about, please follow us on Twitter (@cpmlsocial.)


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