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We have all done it. You decide to try a new social media platform. You start the sign up process and then you hit the wall. You know what I mean – the bio. Yes, just about every platform asks for  some sort of bio and it is the last thing that you want to fill in.

So you don’t.

You skip over that part and move on. And then you don’t go back and finish it.

I understand. I have a tendency to want to skip over that part too. I just don’t know what to say and I always think it should be cleaver. That will always stop me in my tracks. There is nothing like trying to be cleaver on command. My mind is then a complete blank.

I am writing today to urge you to go back and complete your bio. Why? There are several reasons why you should have your bio up for the world to see. The first reason is that you are on social media is to be social. Part of being social is letting people find you. Unless you have the most uncommon name in the world, without your bio people won’t know that you are the Susie Smith that they went to high school with and want to re-connect. What? You say that you don’t want people to find you? Then what are you doing on social media? While lurking might be fun, you will find that you could have more fun being part of the social in social media.

Another reason for you to fill out your bio is so that people will know that you are an expert in a certain area. I know that for many of us, being called an expert is hard. We tend to shy away from that label. We think that we just don’t know anything that everyone else doesn’t know.

Guess what? You are wrong. There are lots of things that you know that other people don’t know. Those people may need the knowledge that you have gained. You bio is where you tell them what areas you know about and could be of help to them.

I just don't know what to say...

It is easy to get intimidated about what to write in your bio. When you read articles about what you should include, they say things like “you need to hook your reader” or “tell a captivating story”. Like that is an easy thing to do. Here is my suggestion – write out a few sentences that tell your basic story.


I grew up in ________(hometown) and graduated from _________ (high school).

After high school, I (attended _____ University/College/Jr. College and got my degree in _______)


From high school, I went to work at __________ doing ___________

Currently, I became _________________(position) at _______________(name of company).

I am (married/single) and have (children) and (pets).

For fun I love to ______________________(activity)

With this format, my bio would read –

I grew up in Glen Ellyn, IL and graduated from Glenbard West High School. After high school I attended Butler University and received my BS in Business Administration. Currently I am a writer for CPML Social, a social media company. I am married and have two children and a dog. For fun, I read, do suduko and quilt.

While this format is fine and it hits some of the points that should be there, if you add a few adjectives, it begins to look more interesting.

I was lucky and grew up in beautiful Glen Ellyn, IL and graduated from “the castle on the hill”, Glenbard West High School. After high school, I attended Butler University in Indianapolis, IN, and found that a BS in Business Administration was perfect for me. I have had several interesting positions and am currently a writer for CPML Social, a social media marketing company in Evanston, IL. I am married with two grown children and a rescue dog named Sadie. For fun I read mysteries, get frustrated with Suduko puzzles, and quilt.

Remember, most bio sections only allow you so many words. You want to make it clear who you are (So you can be found.) and what you do. (So that those looking for someone who does what you do can find you.)

Mom SaysFill out your bio

So here is your assignment. Go fill in your bio sections. You don’t have to use my example but if you are stuck, you can use it as a guide. No, you can’t use my bio for yourself. Believe me; your bio is interesting because it is you.

Go forth and be social!


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