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I am amazed (not in a good way) with my absence from this blog. It started out as missing a few posts and now it has turned into looking like a desert wasteland. I am sorry for the prolonged absence. I have been thinking about writing here for a long time but I caught a case of the “it will need to be fantastic because I have been gone so long.”  There isn’t anything that will kill the urge to write faster than thinking that whatever you write must be fantastic.

Do you find that with your business? That you just get stalled when you know you should do something because you are intimidated about doing it so that it is just SO GREAT. I know that I can fall into that trap and I bet you do too.

How are your Facebook posts going? Are you having the reactions that you are hoping for when you put them up? First, are you following the four social posts for every ad rule? Repeat after me – Facebook is social media which means I must be social and just not spammy and try and sell all the time. Wondering what to put there when you aren’t selling? I have a couple of ideas and none of them have anything to do with politics. The people on Facebook are getting inundated with politics and from what I have read, they don’t need or want anything else. I would suggest that you put up cute animals, local interest events, suggestions for upcoming holidays, inspirational quotes, or pictures of your employees. Posts that people will want to look at after all the political rants on their feed.


Hint #1 –

Subscribe to your town’s the surrounding town’s weekly email newsletter. That will give you information on local events that you can share on your page. By the way, did you know that once you type the web address and the link pops up at the bottom of your post that you can go back and delete the web address and the link will stay?

Hint #2 –

Go on and get to know Canva. Canva is a graphic design program that you can use to create Facebook posts, twitter posts, Pinterest graphics and a lot of other things that can be helpful for your business. You can upload your own pictures and then put words on them. Great for announcing your employee of the month or sharing an inspirational quote. (or your cute dog pics…)

Hint #3 –

Do you think inspirational quotes are dumb? Or do you like them but have no idea where to get them? There are a couple of sources that make it easy. The first is Pinterest. If you have not been on there and are not using it, I suggest that perhaps you consider using it. Posts on Pinterest have the longest life of any of the social media platforms. While Pinterest is a great place for you to promote your business, it is also a great place for ideas. Just type inspirational quotes into the search box and hundreds will pop up. Of course, you will not just steal the pin and put it on your Facebook page. Think copyright infringement… But you can use the quote and put it on your own design – using Canva or any other program you like to use.


Another source for inspirational quotes that will come to you daily is to sign up for the Daily Thought from Real Simple magazine. The magazine has several free e-mail newsletters that you can sign up to receive. You do not need to subscribe to the magazine to get the e-mail newsletters. The newsletter sign up can be found here.

Another easy source for quotes is just to use your search engine and type in “inspirational quotes”. You should get places to look for quotes or some images with quotes.

A special note here – Over the recent holidays, I put together a post for my Facebook page to wish people a Happy New Year. As I was going through my feed, I noticed my post was posted by someone else. Now since I had created that post, I knew it had been stolen. I was irritated – not only was it stolen but the person didn’t even “like” my post. It wasn’t “shared”; the person had copied it and pasted it to his page. Let’s just say that I don’t think as much of this person as I might have before. I would have been fine if he had “liked” and “shared” my post. That’s great but outright stealing it is something different. One of the things you can do to try and prevent this from happening is to put a © on the post you create. To make a ©, you need to hit the keys Alt 0169. Here is an example:


You don’t need to have it interfere with your design – as you can see, I make it pretty small – but it is there for all the world to see. This will hopefully save you some aggravation.

Hint #4-

Give a shout out before and after games to your local high school or college sports teams. You can let people know when there are games and how the team is doing. Of course, this works so much better if you have a winning team. But giving shout outs to local teams is always good. The parent’s will love you!

Hint #5 –

There are news aggregators like Alltop that will provide a variety of news stories that might interest people. After all, how many sources do you have for bad lip reading?

Hint @6 –

You can also find funny YouTube videos to share. James Corden has funny carpool karaoke videos and there are other clips from the late-night shows that are not political.

I think that I will leave you with these ideas for your Facebook posts. Have fun with it. Show your personality. People want to like the person that they do business with – it makes them want to come back. Which is, after all, exactly what you want them to do.

See you on social media! Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Also, use the sign up so that you don’t miss any posts on this blog. There will be more, I promise!




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