Okay, we don't really look like this.  I am not a blonde.

Okay, we don’t really look like this. I am not a blonde.

We are a mom and pop – literally

CPML Social is a company formed by Brian and Carol Early Cooney of Evanston, IL Brian brings a strong retail background to the business. He worked for Calumet Photographic in various positions including sales, product marketing and purchasing. He knows all the ups and downs and craziness associated with retail businesses. Brian attended DePaul University in Chicago.  

Carol has been a small business owner in the real estate industry and is well aware of the time and budget constraints that small business owners face. Carol also currently writes several blogs and is a social media influencer in the BlogHer network. Carol attended Butler University in Indianapolis, IN and Keller Graduate School of Management in Chicago.

While not completely addicted to their phones, they do spend time on the various social media sites when not working.  They still would rather talk rather than text when in the same room.

Contact us either by phone (847) 707-6503 or use the contact form below.  Also, check out our web page! We would love to meet and talk about how we can help you.  



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